What this is

This website exists to facilitate easy identification and connection with animals encountered in the Arroyo Seco region of Los Angeles. It provides photos for comparison, common and latin names, and basic information about each species' habitat and behaviors.


Growing up I loved playing pokemon and keeping track of all of the species I had encountered. This website is modelled after that experience, allowing users to keep track of the animals they have seen and see them all gathered together on one page. I am a bit of a naturalist and have some experience using reference guides. I've often gotten frustrated trying to decide which of the hundreds of brownish birds I was looking at based upon small drawings, or having to check the geographical distribution on a small map. This website draws from several authorities on wildlife in the Arroyo and strives to be an excellent and accurate resource for identifying wildlife.

Which Authorities?

The bird species and abundance rankings come from a guide to the birds of the Arroyo Seco, researched, compiled and printed by the Pasadena Audobon Society. The rest of the animals accounted for come from a study of the Arroyo conducted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Despite the high quality of information used (especially with regards to the birds), other species could be present in the Arroyo - this is meant to be a simple guide for anyone curious about the animals in their ecosystem.