My Projects

Animals of the Arroyo Seco

An interactive guide to the animals of the Arroyo Seco, inspired by the wonderful experiences of collecting Pokemon in a pokedex. Allows Users to to easily identify the animals they see and keep track of all of the ones they have encountered.

Drum Sequencer

A drum step sequencer based on the sounds of the 909, made using p5.js with samples from Click circles to turn on that note - each column is 1/16 note and each row is a different drum sample. The volume of the rows can be changed using the dials on the left side of the page. Tempo is changed by moving the mouse along the x axis and locked in with an option+click.

Performance Space Acoustics

A short case study of the acoustics of a live performance space. I identify the main issues with the room (performances are broadcast live on air) and give suggestions on how to improve them.


A keyboard where the notes continue forever, or at least until you click them again. Amplitude of each note corresponds to its relative size. The white button at the bottom resets the board state.

Color Picker

Make colors easily, press the spacebar to generate a new set. Shift+click the circles to make their borders disappear.


A 6 voice synthesizer - the frequency of each voice is controlled by dragging along the x axis and amplitude is controlled by y axis. Control+click on a shape to change its waveform type. Browser can be resized to create a smaller loop size.

Paint Pour Generator

Paint pour simulation, try different themes and save your result at the end.


Skeleton for a 3 voice synthesizer. Choose waveform type, frequency, and amplitude - turn oscillator on and off with button on the left.